This is a map of my day created for the class Advanced Problems in Graphic Design I at UMSL. 
After recording my activities for a week, I chose my most eventful day to create this map. This day included printing a book, lots of traffic, and an eventful night at work.
Overall, this was a very busy and stressful day. My day started with a few hours dedicated to finishing my classical type book. I had to go to school to print my book. The already long drive to UMSL was extended due to an accident that caused a lot of traffic. To my surprise, when I got to school the print lab employee was nice and very helpful that day, this was very unusual. After printing and binding my book, I went to Chick-fil-A. I was surprised to see both of my bothers there, because I did not tell them I was going there to eat. After that I headed to work at CVS. It was an eventful night at work, because a man was arrested for bringing in a fake prescription. 
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